We are binding our community together through stories.

We are binding our community together through stories. image


We are excited to return to downtown Greensboro for our fifth LIVE, IN-PERSON festival—four days of books, conversation, and community! Greensboro Bound continues to be a meeting place for discourse on a wide range of topics and genres from music and food to spirituality and identity to the celebration of Black and Latinx joy! This year we pay special attention to the concept of “spaces”— physical and cultural, inner and outer—and how they reflect and impact everything from national discourse, to the literary landscape, to individual lives.

We pay homage to North Carolina’s rich literary history by featuring authors honing their craft right here in the Old North State (17 this year!), while broadening our tent to welcome in voices from outside our own microcosm of experience.
We believe that stories are the tie that binds us so we have gathered 59 authors from across the country and right here at home in a series of delightful, thought-provoking conversations that highlight the range of human experience and literary creativity.
This year’s festival is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts; UNCG University Libraries; UNCG Esports program; a Creative Greensboro/City of Greensboro Sustaining Creativity Grant; the North Carolina Arts Council; and Casa Azul—among many other foundation, corporate, and individual donors.
These generous gifts allow us to keep Greensboro Bound 100% FREE and to continue the work of binding our community together through stories. Thank you!
We welcome you with open books, open minds, and open hearts, and hope you enjoy the 2024 Greensboro Bound Literary Festival!